Report from Nepal

“It’s very inspiring to see so many Nepali people being very eager to learn about Earthbag technology. We have posted an announcement about our upcoming earthbag training workshops and one of the questions was: – “What is your plan after … Continue reading →

Natural Building Blog 8th Year Anniversary

It’s that time of year again. We happy to announced our 8th year anniversary and now ranked #2 on Google. (Wiki is number one, ha ha.) We missed our anniversary last year, probably because I was traveling. … Continue reading →

Earthbag Domes Survive Hurricane Chapala

“Hi Owen, Our earthbag dome has not been finished, we ran out of budget. The Chapala cyclone hit the area with very severe storms and rains a few weeks ago, here are the walls before and after.” … Continue reading →

Survival Tactics: Dirt Cheap Bullet-Proof Earthbag Shelters

“Environmentalist’s best kept secret and the concrete industry’s worst nightmare… … the earthbag method means that you can build a small retreat to withstand bullets, floods, hurricanes, storms and fires much better than a conventional house.” … Continue reading →