Example of $2,000 DIY Hybrid Natural Home

A key aspect of natural building is learning out how to best utilize minimally processed, locally available natural materials and salvaged materials to meet your needs. This includes using good site and climate building techniques in the design of the … Continue reading →

Lowest Cost Earthbag Building Methods

This blog post describes super low cost earthbag building methods that do not have to meet code. These dirt cheap building methods are primarily for those in mild climates (minimal freezing) and low or non-code areas. … Continue reading →

DIY Ferrocement Domes and Vaults

“The “Green” movement has its roots in the late 60’s with the “back-to-the land” movement—-when people really started to think not just about alternative life styles but different methods of building—-including sustainability. It could easily be argued that the father … Continue reading →

Update on Rex’s Pallet House in Texas

This is an update on the pallet house in Texas that we reported on earlier. The ultra-low cost is what really caught my attention and kept me following their progress. The latest cost estimate is around $4/sq. ft. Now that … Continue reading →

Sapling Roof Framing

For ultra low-cost small roofs with no building codes. The Slide Collection of Butser Ancient Farm “There is still an intention to store all the many slides in the Reynolds’ collection on this website. The size of this presentation indicates … Continue reading →