Bean/Vetiver Borders with Compost/Earthworm Trenches

I’m experimenting with a passive compost trench system along the sides of our forest garden beds. The bean borders/compost trenches are primarily for erosion control, building soil, boosting the worm population and suppressing weeds. Secondary benefits include beans for seed … Continue reading →

Fertilizer Can Make a Huge Difference

Yesterday’s blog post discussed various ways of boosting plant growth with liquid fertilizers. Well, a picture is worth a thousand words and so we took some photos of local papaya fruit trees to show what a difference proper fertilization can … Continue reading →

Liquid Fertilizers for Organic Gardening

The soil in most parts of the world has been depleted through intensive farming methods and erosion. Plants will grow with chemical fertilizer, but often lack valuable minerals and micronutrients. We need to give the plants a boost so they’re … Continue reading →