How to Build an Earthen Oven

“In this video we show you how to build an earthen oven. Wood-fired earthen ovens are easily documented all the way back the ancient Romans. Likewise, they are easily documented in archaeological evidence and first-hand accounts from the 18th Century. … Continue reading →

How to Build a House with a Single Bag of Cement

“Sukalatti was built using the same amount of energy required to produce 50 bags of cement at the factory. Without the nylon shade net, producing a single bag of cement would consume more energy than the entire house.” … Continue reading →

Bioconstruction – Hay and mud rolls technique

This is very interesting. This natural building method is about 10-20 times faster than building with cob even though it is quite similar. “Hay and mud rolls to build a wall. natural construction technique created by Elizandro in Samaipata.” … Continue reading →