New Cob House Interior Design

“Our work on updating the interior of our cob house, Gobcobatron is finally complete! I think this latest design might be my favorite so far… although of course it’s so exciting just because it is “new”, too. We changed things … Continue reading →

Gurunsi Earth Houses of Burkina Faso

“The small country of Burkina Faso near the border to Ghana may not have many resources or economic wealth, but with the plentiful raw materials available the Kassena people make some of the most culturally rich and architecturally beautiful villages, … Continue reading →

Wattle and Cob: An Earthen House Built by Hand

Here’s another super low cost, all natural housing method. Snakes of cob are coiled around a pole frame. “Peak Moment 215: “I think it’s very very important to know you can provide things for yourself? build your own house? grow … Continue reading →