How to Build a Mud House to Last up to 10,000 Yrs England

The building industry doesn’t want people to know about this! Modern building materials are expensive, often require special tools and expertise, rot or burn after a few decades, and many times offgas toxic fumes. Fortunately, word is spreading about natural … Continue reading →

How to Build a House with a Single Bag of Cement

“Sukalatti was built using the same amount of energy required to produce 50 bags of cement at the factory. Without the nylon shade net, producing a single bag of cement would consume more energy than the entire house.” … Continue reading →

Bioconstruction – Hay and mud rolls technique

This is very interesting. This natural building method is about 10-20 times faster than building with cob even though it is quite similar. “Hay and mud rolls to build a wall. natural construction technique created by Elizandro in Samaipata.” … Continue reading →