Watch Yasmeen Lari on Rebel Architecture Series

“Al Jazeera’s ‘Rebel Architecture’ series kicked off last week with the very well-received “Guerilla Architect” about self-build Spanish architect Santiago Cirugeda. Kicking off today at 11:30pm BST (6:30pm ET / 3:30pm PT) is “A Traditional Future” featuring the work of … Continue reading →

Laurie Baker: Poor Man’s Architect

“A biography of inspiring British-origin Indian architect Laurie Baker who pioneered cost-effective energy efficient beautiful and simple architecture in India in mud brick and local materials… after meeting Gandhiji he decided to stay in India and build for the masses. … Continue reading →

April Magill Interview: Architect Willing to Stamp Natural Building Plans

April Magill, a licensed architect in South Carolina, is willing to stamp construction plans for natural buildings as well as for conventional buildings. I believe April is the first architect to offer this service – to stamp plans for multiple … Continue reading →