Unveiling the Air Crete Rocket Stove Bread Oven

Darwin from the Honey Do Carpenter takes the door for the bread oven out of it’s frame and walks us through the ins and outs of the air motion and why he used aircrete in an oven. This stove can … Continue reading →

All American Sun Oven Review – Start to Finish

“I recently had the chance to talk to Paul Munson of Sun Oven International on the Survivalist Prepper Podcast about the Sun Oven and what it can do. Needless to say, I was very excited when the Sun Oven was … Continue reading →

DIY Solar Water Heater! – Solar Thermal COPPER COIL Water Heater!

“DIY Solar Water Heater. A Homemade “flat panel” COPPER COIL Solar Water Heater. Easy DIY. Full Instructions. Super hot temps (sustained at 165F+). Fast hot water. No electricity needed. Easily hooks up to standard water tap/garden hose. Reaches temps well … Continue reading →

Making Biochar and Charcoal with a Brick Chimney Kiln

“Here is a full tutorial by O. J. Romo on making Charcoal and Biochar using a Brick Chimney Kiln.” The charcoal can be used for numerous things such water filters and building soil in gardens. … Continue reading →

Biomimicry: The Lily Impeller

From time to time we post stories about appropriate technology that changes people’s lives. The Lily Impeller is an amazing example of biomimicry that shows the power of working with nature. Biomimicry related research is leading to an array of … Continue reading →