Masoro Village Project/ GA Collaborative

“The construction of a small single-family home twenty kilometers north of Kigali, Rwanda is now complete. The building is demure: three small bedrooms, a modest living room, and a space for cooking. Poor material availability and financial limitations meant that … Continue reading →

Bustani Permaculture Project Tanzania

“We’re a small NGO on north coast of Tanzania run by a French couple who have decided to help the community in a Permaculture way. We’ve built our first dome a year ago then sand bag water cistern. ….Never followed … Continue reading →

A House Made Entirely From Plastic Bottles? You Bet!

“In rural Nigeria, a few creative visionaries have created something called bottle brick technology that allows them to build strong structures using water bottles and soil. After sourcing plastic water bottles from nearby streets and dumps, the builders pack them … Continue reading →

Malawi Vernacular Architecture

“Hello.. my name is Jon (Twingi) Sojkowski, I am a registered architect and I have a passion for African vernacular architecture. I recently (Sept. 2014) traveled to Malawi to document the vernacular architecture in the country. For 3 weeks, me … Continue reading →

Allan Savory’s Home in Zimbabwe

“See how Allan Savory, and his wife Jody, live in Zimbabwe, in traditional thatch-roofed mud huts, entirely off-grid with solar cells, LED lanterns, and solar hot water heater. He also goes everywhere barefoot. He was born and raised in Zimbabwe … Continue reading →