Learn how to build affordable, sustainable houses with salvaged materials.

Learn how to build affordable, sustainable houses with salvaged materials.

We’ve featured several Tiny Texas Houses projects here on our blog. Some readers may be interested in building their own recycled homes and so I thought we’d take a look at their educational materials. Here is the product description of the 4 DVD instructional set from Tiny Texas Houses.

“In this series, Brad explains how he started his business in the salvaging industry and how you can do it to!
Our Salvage Mining Tutorial Series Boxset contains over 5 hours and 20 educational videos covering the Salvage Mining Process! Brad Kittel, owner of Tiny Texas Houses, teaches you a range of subject matter concerning all things salvage! In this series you will learn subjects such as:
• How to Obtain Salvage Rights
• How to deconstruct a building safely and efficiently
• How to train a crew and set up work stations
• How to load and transport materials safely
• And much much more!”
– See more at Tiny Texas Houses

Tiny Texas Houses Store for DVDs and workshops


Salvage Workshops and The Salvage Mining Tutorial DVDs — 2 Comments

  1. Great idea for a business. Since I’m not so young anymore and don’t have a ton of cash to hire people to deconstruct a building……………I’ll stick to my earthbags. Only kidding.. I LOVE this because of using materials that most likely are superior to materials used today AND it keeps it going without using new stuff and having it all thrown away. I never thought of such a thing. Great post Owen!

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