Project took place in Topka village, Sindhupalchowk district between Jan 2016 and April 2016. With a group of volunteers model round earthbag school has been created. Similar school was then build in Burke village, Ramechap district.



Round Earthbag School in Nepal — 4 Comments

    • Not this one, but the roundhouse clinic was.

      Now they’re calling it a women’s community center for some reason. The community center was super engineered and is no doubt very, very safe due to a whole team of high level engineers who put many hundreds if not thousands of hours into the project. However, I love the simplicity of this roundhouse school. Note how quickly it was built and replicated. That’s a VERY good sign to me (as long as they didn’t cut corners).

    • Yes, I love it. I encourage other NGOs to investigate this design for possible replication. Email me if you have questions. Even if they made some small mistakes we can help make sure future projects are very safe.

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