This video shows clear, simple directions for making a bottle wall. They are artists so even though the project is for an outhouse the final results are excellent. No power tools needed.

I’m currently designing a small house with bottle wall designs and found this video helpful. This is a great way to use free recycled materials to add color and beauty to a home. Search our blog and Google Images for keywords bottle walls for loads of great ideas.


How to Make Bottle Walls Step by Step — 4 Comments

  1. Very nice. You thought of everything. How about adding some solar powered path lighting for nighttime visits. It would prevent a stubbed toe. Loved your toilet paper bottle. Going to incorporate that into my own buildings.

  2. Been w
    Building wall bottles à few years ago! Am in Mojave désert, use local earth, sand, about 8 percent, some straw!
    Discover very Important! Make curve walls, i
    Otherwise, wind blows down! No broken bottles, just on ground

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