Krave the Adventure Bus barnwood kitchen

Krave the Adventure Bus barnwood kitchen

This kitchen popped up randomly in a search engine image search of skoolies (buses converted into tiny houses). I was immediately impressed with this extremely beautiful kitchen, and was very surprised to learn that it was built with reclaimed barnwood. It’s incredible that free, salvaged/recycled materials can be turned into a kitchen that looks so great.

Another view of the Krave the Adventure Bus barnwood kitchen

Barnwood kitchen made with recycled wood.

Salvaged barnwood is often available for free in exchange for tearing down old buildings and cleaning up the building site. Check the wood carefully. Many times old barnwood is beyond use. Other times it can be a gold mine as in this case. Just for fun try a quick image search of ‘barnwood kitchen’ in your favorite search engine and you’ll see most kitchens built with barnwood are gray and rather dingy.


Krave the Adventure Bus Barnwood Kitchen — 4 Comments

  1. The gray wood is because of a cover of mold on the fence. Take some water and bleach and spray it on your fence. The color will come right back. It’s all in material prep. I bet they planed the wood, removing the weathered portions.

    • It’s tricky planing salvaged wood. It often has wind blown sand/grit, old nails, etc. You’d probably have to buy your own planer because woodworking shops wouldn’t want to trash their blades.

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