Fine Mesh Bags

Fine Mesh Bags

Patti Stouter has been busy talking to bag suppliers, and ordering and testing samples. The goal is to create a list of the best suppliers with the best products and prices. (We currently have a short list of suppliers on our Resources page at, but it’s more of a random list of companies.) Here’s Patti’s latest email about a new discovery of fine mesh bags.

“I tamped a segment of it full of earth and it was very strong. Look at this photo- this is very common as an infill section in a plastic bag, or a back to let it breathe. I assume it is less expensive than the raschel or leno bags because the fibers are smaller. It appears to be sewn on both sides with a plastic tape, but I am surprised at how strong it is. If someone else wants to look into this in future…. here it is.”


Fine Mesh Bags — 8 Comments

  1. For those of us out west, the shipping from Wholesale Discount is expensive. But they have the best price I have found for new raschel. 19 cents each in bundles of 500. They maybe a great source for people in the South Eastern US.

  2. Has anyone ordered from wholesale discount market? It seems that they are located in Florida, so shipping might be costly for those of us out west.

    • Me neither. Most of the mesh is as expensive as the regular poly rice bags. The raschel in the link you provided seems promising. I wonder what the knit spacing is? Would they hold the 3/8 inch scoria?

  3. Very good idea this earth bags for constructions. Aside the flexibility, they are very good for thermoisolation.
    Good luck,
    A reader!

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