Earthbag rootcellar at Ecovillage Ithaca

Earthbag rootcellar at Ecovillage Ithaca

We’ve profiled lots of Pinterest sites because they have so many good photos. Here’s a Pinterest page on earthbags. Most photos are from our sites (naturally, since we have thousands of pages of content now). But I found some new photos as well such as the earthbag rootcellar at Ecovillage Ithaca. (Starting out with a small project like this is a great way to learn earthbag building.)

Photo source: Ecovillage Ithaca
Note: Here’s another interesting project from Costa Riana blog. Can’t find the original source or details.
Also, there’s a project by Ecoterron bioconstruction that I’d like more information about. Unfortunately, Pinterest wants me to log on to surf their site. (It’s getting less user friendly as of late.)


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