Desert Submarine (click to enlarge)

Desert Submarine (click to enlarge)

This unique 241 square foot all solar design qualifies as a zero energy home. It’s for desert regions only. The home is cooled with water trickling over the metal roofing using the same evaporative cooling principle as found in the original Desert Submarine. It’s a simple yet proven technology. Solar panels power the water pumps, lights and other electrical needs. A solar hot water heater provides domestic hot water. Electronic controls regulate the flow of water to maintain interior temperatures. The main structure consists of steel studs covered in galvanized metal roofing. Earthbag walls help keep the home comfortable year-round.
You can see more details and the floorplan on my Earthbag House Plans site.


Desert Submarine — 4 Comments

  1. I’m building an Earthbag under a already build 30×60 foot roof. Any suggestions. It will be on 60 acres in the Terlingua Ranch, Study Butte Tx. I am not sure how to connect or tamp the top bags.

    • You can build lightweight walls with scoria (lava rock). Scoria requires very little tamping. You could build the wall under the roof just fine. Plus, there’s about 1/10th the labor because scoria is light like popcorn. Contact landscape suppliers for 1/2″ cleaned lava rock. Buy it by the dump truck load and it’s not too expensive.

  2. I found a place to buy bags in my search for affordable bags. This guy is in Seattle and IF you tell him what you are doing he will give you a Great price on burlap bags. His name is David and he runs I got 2000 bags for $800.oo.

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