14 Year Old Girl Provides an Earth-Sheltered Greenhouse to a Small Town

Kasey Budgell, 14, is helping to bring an earth-sheltered greenhouse to King’s Point, Canada. Growing has been a family passion for generations, she said, recalling that as a tot she’d trail her grandfather around his garden. “I’d always want to … Continue reading →

Can Floating Neighborhoods Deal with Rising Sea Levels?

A collaborative team in Amsterdam have created a floating neighborhood called Schoonschip on a canal. It consists of 46 dwellings with more than 100 residents. Each dwelling has a unique architectural style and various exterior finishes. The project seeks to … Continue reading →

Tour an Off-Grid Shipping Container Home

Rosie constructed a fine off-the-grid home out of five 20ft shipping containers. The home is situated in the middle of a spectacular conservation block and her modern shipping container home has been wonderfully designed to take full advantage of the … Continue reading →