Bucket Chute with Shoulder Strap

Bucket Chute with Shoulder Strap

By now you’re probably getting excited like I am about using open weave mesh bags and tubes. I came up with this $10 solution for filling bags and tubes. It has a 3-gallon metal bucket chute with the bottom cut out and a heavy duty leather shoulder strap riveted on with three pop rivets per side. The raschel mesh bags slide on perfectly. Stainless steel or galvanized buckets would both work. You may want to attach a metal tube to the bottom if you use long tubes. Change the strap around throughout the day to reduce fatigue.


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    • Thanks. A few years ago Kelly and I agreed that most information was not accessible. The whole situation was sort of disgusting, really. Why should people have to pay thousands of dollars for such simple information? And by coming forth and sharing what we knew, it’s triggered a whole avalanche of new ideas, innovation, lots of additional projects.

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