Trulli stone homes in Italy

Trulli stone homes in Italy

“Recently we stumbled upon an incredible little place that looks like a fairy tale town. Alberobello they call it, which literally means “beautiful tree” is an adorable little town in the province of Bari and you should immediately put it on your bucket list. What makes this Italian version of Hobbit town special is the unusual cone-shaped huts called Trulli.
Trulli roofs have two layers of stone

Trulli roofs have two layers of stone

The roofs are constructed in two skins: an inner skin of limestone voussoirs, capped by a closing stone, and an outer skin of limestone slabs that are slightly tilted outwardly, ensuring that the structure is watertight. The roof stones can be taken away without compromising the stability of the rest.”

More at the source: Vintage News
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Alberobello — the Italian 16th century Hobbit town — 3 Comments

    • I was wondering the same thing since there are earthquakes in Italy. Stone houses, especially unmortared stone is very high risk. But look closer and you’ll see these houses have thick walls, thick steep roofs, and the houses are adjoining each other. Also, they may have been very well built.

  1. I wonder if locals still build this way. The roofs would be extremely labor intensive. Years ago that’s all they had to work with.

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