Compare this ultra low cost tiny house with yesterday’s custom tiny house design.

“Deek takes a look at the tiny house of Joseph Labaire- one built and designed by Joseph with urban salvage, self-milled wood, and re-used and deconstructed pallets. This 14′ long tiny house was built for a mere $1,200.00 and features a loft, composting toilet, self-built windows, ample built-in storage, and more! It is located outside of Worcester, MA.”



A $1,200 14′ Tiny House Made of Pallet Wood! — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve recently discovered that some pallets are impregnated with severely toxic chemicals.
    Perhaps best not to use these inside your house.

    If you’re not sure, always wear gloves and a dust mask while handling and sanding. Here’s a link to a guide on which pallets are safe to use.

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