We received the following tip from Birgit in Tanzania, where no clay is available. Thanks for sharing. As you probably know, clay is typically used in earthbags as a binder. Clay is available in most areas, but not where Birgit lives. Birgit’s solution is to “use what’s locally available and affordable: 40% volcanic dust (which is the “earth” I live on), 40% murram (don’t know if this is an international term, but it is a coarse rough gravel type stuff of volcanic origin mainly used for roads) and 20% lime (to stabilize, which is 1/4 of the price of cement and binds well with volcanic matter).”

Birgit reports, “I only finished the wall, but so far this mix seems very successful – a great alternative to areas that don’t have clay. I have kept one bag aside and will ‘take it apart’ soon to see how the mix holds together without the bag. My next project will be a one-room work shop, after which I should have enough experience to dare build a small house – and then we’ll see where it goes.”


What if You Don’t Have Any Clay? — 1 Comment

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