In this video we meet Gary and take the TOUR of his converted horse trailer which he has turned it into a “Toy Hauler” type trailer to live in. His workmanship is outstanding and I think you’ll love it!

Brilliant! Think of all the advantages of aluminum trailers: durability, low maintenance, no need for exterior cladding, trim or paint, strong, lightweight, aerodynamic shape, extremely roadworthy, no need to build stud walls from scratch, no roofing, easy to attach things such as solar panels, good concealment if you have to sleep in a city, easy licensing, etc. Also note, you could use a much shorter trailer if you don’t have a lot of sporting equipment. That would slash the cost and weight.


Tiny House/ Converted Horse Trailer: TOUR — 1 Comment

  1. as i ponder how to build suitable mobile living quarters, i was thinking that horse trailers are very durable and hold many pounds of horses and their accessories. I found numerous horse trailers for sale on Craigslist. At least one of them is already turned into living quarters (for $15K).

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