Earthbag domes for nomads in Niger

Earthbag domes for nomads in Niger

“The Nomad Foundation — Combining ancient skills with new technologies to bring prosperity to nomadic people.

Nomadic people need permanent structures only occasionally for seasonal storage, to start a small shop near their well, for cereal bank or fodder bank storage, and if they want a school they must pay a contractor a high price to bring materials and laborers from the city. If the building ever needs repairs they must pay him again. Structures are rare in nomadic territory, but they are needed.

The Earthbag building program is based on a type of building invented to allow the poorest families to build their own structures using a material available to them: the earth.

As one of our ongoing educational programs at Tamesna we propose in February of 2014 to bring a team of experts from the US to teach the skills of earthbag building to a group made up of nomadic people and local workers already skilled in building who can become future trainers in this method.

This program will be able to build three dome structures in two weeks time. The skills to build future ones will remain after the experts leave. With this education, the nomads at Tamesna should be able to finish construction of their school at a greatly reduced price.

The cost of the education program is $20,000. Please help us by donating today.”

The Nomad Foundation


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