Home-based Business: Turning Urban Lumber (Turning Green Wood)

“Every day, in urban areas, trees are cut down for various reasons. These trees are a veritable treasure trove of lumber that can be reclaimed, as opposed to finding its way to the junk yard or fireplace. As well, many … Continue reading →

Natural Live Edge Woodwork

Here’s a Pinterest site showing the natural beauty of live edge woodwork on furniture and countertops. Rustic woodwork can slash costs and create a warmer, more beautiful home environment. It’s perfect for owner-builders. … Continue reading →

Distressed Wood Finishes

Most people choose standard wood finishes for cabinets, furniture, doors, trim and other woodwork around the home. The most common finishes include wipe on oil finishes, paint, lacquer and varnish. These standard finishes work quite well, but sometimes it’s fun … Continue reading →