Hot Ash Wood Burning Stainless Steel Rocket Stove

The Hot Ash rocket stove is designed with primary and secondary burns so they burn hot and efficient. Boil a cup of water with just a handful of sticks, wood pellets, or most other biofuels. … Continue reading →

A Portable Wood-Burning Stove for the Tiny House Generation

“British company Anevay’s portable wood-burning Frontier Stove was first conceived and built for humanitarian aid use in disaster zones around the world. But the stove appealed to camping enthusiasts, and the company began retailing the compact, durable, lightweight stove suitable … Continue reading →

The Cabin Stove – A Small Masonry Heater at Aprovecho Research Center

“The challenge of the design of the Cabin Stove was to come up with something that was very compact but also still resembled and functioned like a masonry heater. The design criteria included heating the small space, an efficient and … Continue reading →

Smokeless Rammed Earth Stove

Rammed Earth for Everyone has some very interesting rammed earth cookstoves and wood stoves with lots of photos that show how they’re built. Looks simple enough for any do-it-yourselfer. Cost would be negligible if the forms were reused to build … Continue reading →