Best Building System for Florida

Email question: “We are in the process of relocating to NE Florida, and would like to build a home with alternative building materials. It would seem that straw bale homes are not the best solution for Zone 9 [ed: due … Continue reading →

Sukup SafeT Home Videos

These homes are looking better and better. The second video shows the construction of 11 SafeT homes in a Haitian village that were built in just one week. In addition to the advantages mentioned in our previous blog post about … Continue reading →

Cylindrical Earthbag Shelters

Here’s a great shelter design by Delani that was posted at Core 77 as part of a recent shelter competition. Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest, and this design is exquisite because of its simplicity. That means it’s inexpensive … Continue reading →

Roofing Hold-downs

Here’s a simple way to help prevent metal roofing from being blown away. Roofs are typically quite vulnerable to uplift in windy areas. There are commercially available roof hold-downs that bolt trusses and rafters to walls, but I’ve never seen … Continue reading →