Bean/Vetiver Borders with Compost/Earthworm Trenches

I’m experimenting with a passive compost trench system along the sides of our forest garden beds. The bean borders/compost trenches are primarily for erosion control, building soil, boosting the worm population and suppressing weeds. Secondary benefits include beans for seed … Continue reading →

Let Nature Grow Your Garden

“The natural way of gardening is a big change from the traditional way. It is human nature to resist change! This change will be much easier to accept if you take a good look at a forest or natural glades. … Continue reading →

Vetiver/Clay Follow-up Report

I’m real happy with how the sample vetiver/clay block and earthbag turned out. This follow-up report summarizes some of the pros and cons. You can read the first report here. The block dried in a few days, but the mix … Continue reading →

Bags and Vetiver for Erosion Control

The photo and following text is from a vetiver website Patti Stouter found. Please send us links to any relevant articles you come across. There are situations where slopes are so steep, where rainfall is so intense, and where the … Continue reading →

Hempcrete — Growing Your Own House

This is my second post about hempcrete in just a few days. Obviously I’m pretty excited about it. The last post listed quite a few advantages of hempcrete. This post with even more exciting advantages is based on an article … Continue reading →