Podcast: The independence and empowerment of earthbag building with Atulya K Bingham

“Today I have a guest with a truly remarkable story and journey into natural building. Atulya Bingham is the author of “Mud Ball” and “Mud Mountain”, both of which cover her incredible experiences moving to the countryside in Turkey and … Continue reading →

Earthbag Bungalows at Reflections Camp

“Reflections Camp is located in Kabak Koyu inside Kabak Valley (Turkey) and was the fourth camp to be established. Reflections’ focus is on preservation of nature and the enhancement of beauty inside the camp. Where others in Kabak Koyu have … Continue reading →

Earthbag House in Turkey Survives 6.1 Earthquake

Earthbag Foundations for Soggy Seismic Areas By Kerry Bingham As far as I know, mine was the second earthbag structure to be built in Turkey, and it was met with widespread skepticism. With frequent earthquakes, severe flash-flooding on the south … Continue reading →