Earthbags Made from Recycled Fishing Nets

A hat tip to Gail for sending us this story. Thousands of Homes Built from Earth Bags Made from Re-claimed Fishing Nets — Disaster Relief Well not yet, but it’s a good idea. The worlds oceans and dumps are swimming … Continue reading →

Untreated Burlap Tubes

I stumbled on a website – Central Ohio Bag and Burlap, Inc. — that sells “plain” (presumably untreated) burlap in rolls. This opens the possibility of buying or making burlap tubes. This company carries the right size. (Try to find … Continue reading →

Erosion Control Booms

Today’s post showcases erosion control booms — another possible material for earthbag building. This is a new development that looks promising. It gives builders one more material and one more supplier to choose from. And in this case, the UV … Continue reading →

How Much Wall Insulation Do I Need?

From time to time we answer reader’s questions. Jeff: We are looking at building a home on acreage in central north Michigan. It is extremely cold in the wintertime where we are looking. Would an earthbag home insulated with rice … Continue reading →