Banana Circles

“Nicholas Burtner discusses how to build a banana circle, how to plant a poly culture guild around a banana circle, how to work strategy and time within a banana circle, and how to link banana circles together for true abundance … Continue reading →

Ferrocement Roofed Domes for Tropical Climates

Domes are vulnerable to water damage, so what to do in rainy climates? I say add a roof. There are various roofed dome houses on our main website at that you peruse here and here. Those are earthbag domes. … Continue reading →

Our Tropical Forest Garden Progress

I want to first thank all those who have pioneered the way for growing forest gardens. Special thanks to Geoff Lawton, Robert Hart, David Holmgren, Bill Mollison and Sepp Holtzer. Their permaculture books and videos have been immensely beneficial even … Continue reading →

Ecological Friendly Building at the Shores of the Indian Ocean

“Takaungu Robinson House is an example of sustainable architecture that helps to preserve a pristine coral environment and indigenous coastal rainforest of Kenya for future generations. … Continue reading →

Island Style Homes

Island style homes feature wide roof overhangs, lots of windows for cross ventilation and plentiful outdoor living space. These homes are prevalent throughout the Caribbean, Pacific Ocean and beyond. There are some wonderful coffee table books on island style/Pacific style … Continue reading →