Natural Building Options for Tiny Trailer Homes

Question: What are some good natural material options for tiny trailer homes? Owen: Good options include cellulose or wool insulation (especially in the roof), straw/clay wall insulation with wood siding or paneling on both sides. Exterior grade vertical groove plywood … Continue reading →

Winning Over Your Significant Other

Sara: John, you know I’ve been reading about earthbag building and natural building lately. Well, I’d like to build our new home this way. John: [long pause while thinking] Are you sure? I really like those trailer houses we’ve looked … Continue reading →

Trailer Houses versus Earthbag Building

I’ve been writing about the problems with building codes for a while now. Just for the record, I’m not 100% against codes. Limited codes can be beneficial, but the current situation is way over the top. This fact is well … Continue reading →