Allan Savory’s Home in Zimbabwe

“See how Allan Savory, and his wife Jody, live in Zimbabwe, in traditional thatch-roofed mud huts, entirely off-grid with solar cells, LED lanterns, and solar hot water heater. He also goes everywhere barefoot. He was born and raised in Zimbabwe … Continue reading →

1,000 year-old Straw/clay Houses in Germany

Classic German architecture: Fachwerk und Enxaimel — Timber-frame straw/clay houses with hazel stick reinforcing lasts for centuries. (None of these buildings had building permits and so maybe they should all be pulled down?) … Continue reading →

Wholewoods Natural Buildings

“A celebration of wood, art, and craftsmanship. See us on Channel 4 this summer working with Kevin McCloud on his latest project and at Grand Designs Live in London May 5th. Wholewoods is an ethical business supporting traditional woodland crafts … Continue reading →