Organica Straw Bale House

We are a group of craftsmen enthusiastic about natural materials. Our goal is to use local resources to build healthy housing. We revive traditional building crafts and combine them with modern knowledge of natural construction. We can build a new … Continue reading →

Build an Indigenous Village at Standing Rock

“This is an incredible time of positive change! Time to bring traditional structures and lifeways back in new and exciting ways! Standing Rock is bringing together Indigenous led Water Protectors and Earth Warriors in profound ways, supporting the just transition … Continue reading →

Natural Building Apprenticeship 2013, SECMOL, Ladakh

“In July and August 2013, SECMOL (Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh) organized apprenticeships on Sustainable Sanitation Systems, Passive Solar Design and Earth Building Construction on its campus in Phey (Leh, Ladakh). … Continue reading →

Phu Chaisai Mountain Resort & Spa

“The crisp green leaves soaked with dew glisten as day breaks. Open your eyes from the comfort of your bed to watch the sun rise from the horizon. Breathe the unspoiled mountain air from your cottage’s private terrace overlooking scenic … Continue reading →

Natural Building Workshop in Ghana

“In association with the Nka Foundation in Ghana, I, Niall OCleirigh an Architectural Designer/ Technologist from Dublin, Ireland, will host a workshop to learn from vernacular and about earth architecture in the Ashanti Region in Ghana. … Continue reading →

Alt. Building Blog

I think you’ll enjoy this alternative building blog about traditional building in the Southwest. To browse the Alt. Building Blog by subject, scroll down to the bottom right side to Labels. There’s plenty of info for hours of enjoyable reading. … Continue reading →