Tiny Earthbag Homes

“Constructing an earthbag home is considered by many to be the most inexpensive method of building a home simply because the material is free and usually already onsite. The major cost associated with earthbag homes are the bags used to … Continue reading →

Tiny: The Documentary about Living Small

TINY: A Story About Living Small (Teaser Trailer) from TINY on Vimeo. Here’s another great find from TinyHouseDesign.com. The video is due out in Spring 2012. Visit the website below for the latest updates. Tiny – a story about living … Continue reading →

$300 Earthbag House

Description: 11.1 sq. m. interior, 5.4 sq. m. sleeping loft, 11.2 sq. m. patio for cooking and socializing. Single units can be expanded by adding on in any direction or joined to create multi-unit structures. Almost all materials are free … Continue reading →