Important Notes from the 2017 Tiny House Summit

As I’ve been saying repeatedly, most of the ideas for tiny houses apply to building small DIY homes out of natural materials such as earthbags, straw bales, etc. Tiny houses and small homes in general share much in common, and … Continue reading →

Tiny House of Steel

“When I first saw a SteelMaster building I was in love. Why? They’re steel, pre-fabricated, highly engineered and just look so friggin cool! The arches are self-supporting so no need for your typical framing – ROOF + WALLS = 1. … Continue reading →

Adventurous Couple Build Brilliant Tiny House On Wheels

“Oli and Holly are a couple who aren’t afraid to break the norms. When they made the decision to build a Tiny House on wheels, this couple constructed a home that would truly suit them and their personalities and is … Continue reading →