Beautiful Japanese Tiny House on Wheels

It’s possible that this is one of the smallest homes that we have visited on the show so far and yet without doubt it is one of the most spectacular in its design. Japan is a country already world-famous for … Continue reading →

“The Highland” Completed Home Tour

This is a Facebook Livestream that was recorded on Friday, September the 3rd, 2017 and features Randy Jones, owner/builder of Incredible Tiny Homes, talking about the “Highland” enchanted home which is 10′ wide and 24′ in length. … Continue reading →

Tiny house for under $5000

“Tiny house build from Aug. 2012 to Aug 2013, I did this all by myself, while working part-time. This tiny house only cost me $5000, I reused lots of things and found free stuff from craigslist. We are a family … Continue reading →

How We’re Living In Our Tiny Home LEGALLY

Derek from Life Inside a Box channel explains how he and Hannah live legally in their tiny home in Cochise county, Arizona. Note how building codes vary from county to county and what they’re doing is not legal everywhere, so … Continue reading →

Tiny House of Steel

“When I first saw a SteelMaster building I was in love. Why? They’re steel, pre-fabricated, highly engineered and just look so friggin cool! The arches are self-supporting so no need for your typical framing – ROOF + WALLS = 1. … Continue reading →