UM builds passive solar greenhouse to grow fresh veggies year-round

“A subcontractor with Bad Goat Forest Products, Braverman was just hours away from finishing what many believe will be the first passive solar greenhouse in Missoula. “The idea is, the sun will hit the earth bags all day long and … Continue reading →

Thermal Banking Greenhouse Design

“Steven Schwen of Earthen Path Organic Farm (Lake City, Minnesota) has built an innovative greenhouse that allows him to extend his growing season while reducing energy costs. SARE’s Farmer-Rancher Grants program provided critical assistance for Schwen in the beginning phases … Continue reading →

Greenhouse Construction of the Zero Energy Thermal Mass Greenhouse

“The Zero Energy Thermal Mass Greenhouse solves the problem of freezing weather and a short season climate when you need to grow food. There is no grid connection for heat. It will work anywhere. The two big things that it … Continue reading →