Building an Eco-Friendly Green Bamboo Home in 6 Hours!

How to build an Eco-Friendly House out of Bamboo. Video tour of the build process of a Bamboo Hut at Phuket Top Team in Thailand. According to Johnny FD, the cost was less than $1,000 (rough estimate). … Continue reading →

Phu Chaisai Mountain Resort & Spa

“The crisp green leaves soaked with dew glisten as day breaks. Open your eyes from the comfort of your bed to watch the sun rise from the horizon. Breathe the unspoiled mountain air from your cottage’s private terrace overlooking scenic … Continue reading →

Earthbag Dome Project in Thailand

“Rak Tamachat in Thailand is building a four dome cluster around a central pool designed as a natural pool. This is an ambitious project where you will see the complete build cycle from start to finish. To assist with that … Continue reading →

Earthbag Dome Workshop in Thailand

Earthbag Dome Guest House in Thailand 10-18 February 2014 A wonderful opportunity to gain complete hands-on experience of all stages of constructing a large 4 metre diameter earthbag dome which will be used as a guest house in a beautiful … Continue reading →