Shelters, Shacks and Shanties – Free Ebook

Yesterday’s blog post about the free book Build it With Bales was a big hit and so I decided to add this ebook. Besides making useful temporary shelter for living in while you build something more permanent, a lot can … Continue reading →

A Temporary Housing Option

Most of the housing solutions we discuss here at Natural Building Blog utilize ultra low cost materials such as soil for earthbags, adobes or CEBs, poles from local forests, straw bales and other locally sourced sustainable materials. Houses built like … Continue reading →

Straw Bale Shelter Video

The blog post the other day about Temporary Shelters made with straw bales was a big hit and so I located this old instructional video and got it uploaded to my YouTube channel. I’ve already received more positive comments than … Continue reading →

Temporary Shelter

So, you’ve bought a piece of land in a remote, rural area with few or no building codes and more jackrabbits than people. Where do you live while you’re building your sustainable home? Pay rent? Nah, that’s so twentieth century. … Continue reading →