Underground dome house stays warm in Omaha winters

Rebecca Weitzel and Jeff Waschkowski live in a buried home in Omaha, Nebraska and while winters temperatures can hit negative 30 degrees (record lows), inside the home is affected by the temperature of the earth, not the air, and mostly … Continue reading →

Earthbag House in Ibicoara, Bahia Brazil

“This large house project was completed in late 2011. We were approached by an earthbag workshop participant in mid-2011 to run an eco-architecture workshop in the north of Brazil, in Bahia. … Continue reading →

Soil cement irrigation ponds/tanks

“For irrigation purposes, especially for fresh vegetable cash crop production in water deficit areas, water is collected in ponds from springs or small streams. The ponds are lined and sealed with sheet membranes (200 g/m2 fibre-reinforced plastic sheets, Silpaulin). The … Continue reading →