Ontario Natural Building Coalition

“Do you desire to build your own home one day? Here is your opportunity to get started in an action-packed 1 day primer on what to consider to create and DESIGN your dream home, naturally – offered by Eco-Architect, Ingrid … Continue reading →

Focus on Positive Solutions

Just imagine if the trillions of dollars wasted in Middle East wars had been invested in better ports, airports, highways, high speed rail, cleaning up the environment, reforesting degraded lands and building more sustainable cities and affordable housing. The possibilities … Continue reading →

Primitive Pole Barn for $93

“Paul Wheaton has shown us the goods again! This enormous pole barn is made with tree, earthworks and a few old ad canvases. What do you think? Isn’t it great! Find him here at http://www.permies.com and also http://www.richsoil.com … Continue reading →