Open house day at Bio Veda Academy – 03/03/2018

Take a tour of Bioveda’s Urban Garden in South Africa. This whirlwind 46 minute home tour shows Bioveda’s earthbag and aircrete structures, their appropriate technology such as solar cookers and biogas, as well as an extensive system of earthbag planters, … Continue reading →

Laurie Baker: Poor Man’s Architect

“A biography of inspiring British-origin Indian architect Laurie Baker who pioneered cost-effective energy efficient beautiful and simple architecture in India in mud brick and local materials… after meeting Gandhiji he decided to stay in India and build for the masses. … Continue reading →

Four Good Natural Homes Websites

The Revolution Takes Us Home This incredible site is a seemingly endless blog of amazing house photos. It’s similar to the tiny cabin site we featured a while back. “the house shelters daydreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house … Continue reading →

Low Energy Buildings is one of my all time favorite sites. You can spend days researching their extensive website for award winning designs. This is top quality information, folks. “Low energy buildings use passive techniques, such as optimal solar gain, and advanced … Continue reading →

Affordable Eco-homes Report

This just in from Kelly Hart: “Dr.Jenny Pickerill recently traveled around the world on a Winston Churchill Trust Travelling Fellowship on a quest for information and insights on how folks in England (where she teaches at the University of Leicester) … Continue reading →