Underground PAHS House: Stone Wing V6

“Design on the stone wing concept is being revived after a brief hiatus. My underground home project is growing to include a sunroom / atrium entryway that will give more exposure for PAHS efficiency, and the overall layout has changed … Continue reading →

Best Cold Climate Building System?

Question: I dream of building a small eco friendly country ‘cabin’. My location will be in Alberta or BC, Canada. Do you prefer earthbag technique now over straw bale? Site will be a cold climate compared to many of your … Continue reading →

Modular Solar Domes

There’s lots of demand for solar homes, earth sheltered homes, super energy efficient, low cost/ do-it-yourself designs and domes. This design combines all these features. The main living dome in this stellar design is flooded with light and ventilation through … Continue reading →

Insulated Earthbag/Geotextile Basement Walls

This article describes a low cost method of building insulated basement walls without concrete, using geotextiles. Typical basement walls are expensive and use large amounts of concrete, a major contributor to global climate change. Concrete basement walls are typically built … Continue reading →

Cold Climate Earthbag Yurts

There’s great, untapped potential for superinsulated earthbag buildings in cold climates. Here’s a way to combine the best features of earthbags and yurts. The basic idea is to combine earthbag walls filled with lightweight insulation such as scoria (lava rock), … Continue reading →