Photo Blog #5

The main house of the Chilam Balam ecovillage in the mountains near Caracas, Venezuela. Many followers of the Thirteen Moon Calendar have embraced less impactful building techniques in their homes, and let their imaginations play. This example of bioarchitecture is … Continue reading →

Superadobe Video

Super adobe houses: an internal connection between ourselves and nature ‚ÄúSuperadobe houses… are cheap and foolproof. They are resistant to fire, earthquakes. It is known for a super form of adobe buildings that used sandbags filled with mud and barbed … Continue reading →

Small Earth

Small Earth provides supportive and sustainable environments for communities around the world through the creative use of elemental materials and the application of Permaculture inspired thinking. From conception to delivery our projects leave a legacy of landmark buildings beautifully integrated … Continue reading →

Earthbag Cisterns

Since water is vital to life, and there is increasing scarcity of clean drinking water in much of the world, it makes sense to store this precious resource and use it wisely. Earthbags in combination with ferrocement offer a number … Continue reading →