Amarelo Superadobe

“Parque da Asa Sul in Brasilia, there is an interesting building superadobe – technique that uses compressed raw land in sacks (Bombina raffia) lined up on one another. In a series of photos, we stroll through the history of the … Continue reading →

Egypt Independent Earthbag Building Article

“Fagnoon Art School hosted a workshop for teaching the latest methods of earthbag building, an inexpensive construction method, hoping to bring the innovative technique to their farms and villages. … Continue reading →

STOP’s Permaculture Project in Cambuquira, Brazil

“STOP the Destruction of the World organization’s Permaculture location as well as of a brick-making project they have in town, and a home that one of their scientists and his wife are building that includes some of the bricks they … Continue reading →

More Pics from Superadobeserrano Blog

“Such nice people … I am super happy! Machimbrado finished the roof membrane. It was a labor intense 7 days, praying that the rains do not bend the wood, covered with plastic at night what we were roofing. The only … Continue reading →

Arqui Natura

Brasília, DF Project: 2009 Construction Park headquarters of Asa Sul, Brazil’s first urban park to be planned permacultural within guidelines. Ipoema partnership with the Institute of Permaculture. – Building with superadobe structural walls. – Use of natural lighting with glass … Continue reading →