1,000 year-old Straw/clay Houses in Germany

Classic German architecture: Fachwerk und Enxaimel — Timber-frame straw/clay houses with hazel stick reinforcing lasts for centuries. (None of these buildings had building permits and so maybe they should all be pulled down?) … Continue reading →

EcoNest Homes

Today’s post profiles another leading natural home builder – EcoNest Homes. They’re well known for their finely crafted timberframe and straw/clay construction. “EcoNest is… the name we have given to our holistically designed and hand-crafted natural homes. An EcoNest incorporates … Continue reading →

Building Earthen Homes Using the Original DIY Material

“Dirt is the original DIY material. In cultures all over the world, people have used earth to fashion everything from bowls to buildings. We know this because so many earthen homes are still around, including buildings hundreds and even thousands … Continue reading →

Building a Light Clay Straw (Straw-Clay) House

“This is an introduction to light clay straw construction (a.k.a. “straw-clay”). In the summer of 2010, I started construction on my first house (20 ft. x 12 ft.). It was stud framed with light clay straw infill. I had helped … Continue reading →

Double Pallet Wall w/ Post and Beam

Wooden shipping pallets are typically available for free and are very practical for building homes, furniture and many other things. We’ve already explored several ways of building pallet walls: Post and Beam Pallet Wall, Earth Lodge Pallet Walls, Interior Pallet … Continue reading →