Natural Building Workshops at Quail Springs Permaculture

“When I started this building my intention was to make the building process fun. I invited 5 friends to come work with me for a month, and we got the basic framework up, and we did indeed have a lot … Continue reading →

Light Straw-Clay Construction Now Code Approved

“An appendix on Light Straw-Clay Construction was also approved for inclusion in the 2015 International Residential Code (IRC). To date only the states of New Mexico and Oregon have a section on Light Straw-Clay Construction in their building code. The … Continue reading →

Women’s Natural Building Intensive Workshop

Date: June 12 – 22 Location: Full Bloom community land near Little Applegate Valley, 30 minutes outside of Jacksonville, Southern Oregon. Set amidst the beautiful forested Siskiyou mountains with snowy Dutchman’s Peak in the distance and Yale Creek passing through. … Continue reading →

Using light straw clay (slip straw) as interior wall fill

Good, clear straw/clay tutorial. Put those kids to work! “An instructional video by Cedar Ridge Farm. Light straw clay, also known as slip straw, is a healthy and simple material for filling interior (and exterior) walls. The process of packing … Continue reading →