Strawbale Round House Showcases Every Natural Building Method Imaginable

Hassan’s round house– a structure still under construction– showcases just about every natural building technique you can imagine. His house is in the second year of building, but it’s future beauty is already visible even though it’s unfinished. This house … Continue reading →

Charlie and Meg’s Roundhouse Facebook Page

Note from Charlie and Meg whose house is being threatened with demolition by building authorities: “Hi, just a quick update for all the folk asking what the latest news is. Currently we’re still living in the house and waiting on … Continue reading →

Straw Bale Roundhouses Built in One Day

A kindred spirit sent me a memorable letter about 10 years ago. They had read about the strawbale roundhouse I helped build with the Lakota Sioux in South Dakota. (I recently found out the roundhouse later got destroyed in a … Continue reading →