Crows’ Hermitage, A Converted Stone Barn in Ireland

“A compact stone barn in the Irish countryside is now a sumptuous holiday cottage perfect for romantic escapes. The current owner converted the barn, now named Crows’ Hermitage. It is located behind his house in the hamlet of Ardcath, less … Continue reading →

Gabion Band Stone Construction

Special thanks to Randolph Langenbach who sent me this information on rebuilding rural stone houses in earthquake zones with gabion bands. The basic concept uses ring beams of stones wrapped in strong mesh to tie the masonry walls together. … Continue reading →

Update on Bionic Soil Road in New Mexico

This is an update on a previous blog post about Bionic Soil that turns soil to stone. In this instance Bionic Soil is used on a road, but the same materials could turn an earthbag house into a stone house. … Continue reading →

Bionic Soil: Turn Soil to Stone

I saw this on Facebook where someone said stabilizers aren’t necessary. That is usually the case. Compacted subsoil in earthbags covered with plaster is the norm. But there may be situations where stabilizers are beneficial such as in extremely wet … Continue reading →