Stone houses and almost no electricity

“Valle Bavona is surrounded by hydroelectric power plants, but in the 1950s its inhabitants rejected electricity. Keeping away from modernity has been a plus for the valley. Since it had no electricity, no new buildings were constructed and the valley … Continue reading →

Gabion Band Stone Construction

Special thanks to Randolph Langenbach who sent me this information on rebuilding rural stone houses in earthquake zones with gabion bands. The basic concept uses ring beams of stones wrapped in strong mesh to tie the masonry walls together. … Continue reading →

Mystery Hill Megalithic Structures—America’s Stonehenge

Park sign: “Located near the summit of Mystery Hill is a massive complex of stone chambers, walls and large standing stones, both radio-carbon dating (C-14) and the placement of the astrologically oriented standing stones indicate this site was constructed at … Continue reading →

Ancient Stone Construction: Proof of Advanced Technology

“Saihuite is about 4 hours drive south of Cusco Peru and is rarely visited by tourists. Its claim to fame is a large heavily carved stone, but beyond this, and in the nearby valley are clear examples of megalithic lost … Continue reading →

Ecological Friendly Building at the Shores of the Indian Ocean

“Takaungu Robinson House is an example of sustainable architecture that helps to preserve a pristine coral environment and indigenous coastal rainforest of Kenya for future generations. … Continue reading →

Stone Builders, Mound Builders and the Giants of Ancient America

Who built these structures and when? Why? I think you’ll be surprised with Vieira’s claims. No one taught this to me in school! Whatever your conclusions, you’ll have to agree this is some amazing stonework. The link below to a … Continue reading →