Super Solar Cells

Today’s blog post is actually two stories in one. First, we’ll look at cutting edge solar cells, and then we’ll look at how improved, lower cost solar is ushering in a new age of electric transportation and home energy systems. … Continue reading →

Selco Solar — Solar Villages

Solar Villages: The Need – According to the Planning Commission of India, more than one third population of India live in off the grid areas and an equal number of people live in areas with unreliable grid electricity and frequent … Continue reading →

Algae Powered House

“In the context of the International Building Exhibition IBA 2013 in Hamburg, Germany, the first algae bioreactor house was build. Algae-filled solar panels are the center of the house’s energy cycle. One one hand, they produce heat by absorbing solar … Continue reading →

Eco-friendly Roof Styles to Give a Distinct Look to Your House

“Everyone loves to have a dwelling quite exclusive from others. But constructing a new house or even reconstructing any portion of it is a daunting task. Consider the roof styles – so many modern designs and trends are there now. … Continue reading →